Redd Inc. Wants You!

Ever felt that life just wasn’t offering up enough opportunities for you to unleash your inner psycho?  Do you mourn the staid and secure rut into which your moral compass has gently placed you?

Let’s cut to the chase: have you ever wanted to brutally slaughter everyone in your office building and take out all your impotent rage and ‘little guy’ syndrome as you feed on the severed head of your boss?

Then Redd Inc. can help!

Screenwriter Anthony O’Connor (Angst) and co. have started this iddy-biddy website here for budding actors, artists, musicians and assorted crew-related positions to help them bring their evil creation to the screen.  You can submit your casting videos, based on specific characters already written in O’Connor’s script and comment on others’ attempts.  They’re even giving away cool prizes each week and, ultimately, the opportunity to work on their film, Redd Inc. The Movie.

So, just in case the link above was too subtle for you wily folk too rapt by the details and fantasising about taking an axe to those nuisance co-workers who push you around and, quite frankly, think you’re weird (they’re probably thinking it right now… of course they are, you can hear them! They cluck their tongues and laugh their hyena laughs…) then click on this larger version:

Happy hunting!


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